Who we are


 What is Artvocate?

“Activist art” is a term used to describe art that is grounded
in the act of "doing" and addresses political or social issues - Tate Modern

We specialise in activism art - by curating the best artworks representing the social movements that are important to us and our customers. For each social movement, we bring to life its values, struggle, aspirations and stories behind the artworks and artists. 

Artists who work with us are passionate and altruistic about these social movements. As part of our agreement with the artists, we would allocate at least 15% of the pre-VAT revenue to related organisations to support the movements. 


What do we want to achieve?

We do not stop here. We have the vision to become the go-to platform for all kinds of artworks related to liberalism: We love democracy, individual rights and civil liberty. We value diversity and would love to contribute to a more inclusive world with regards to different genders and ethnic groups. We also believe that everyone should enjoy their freedom of speech and access information through a free press. At the same time, we would like to bring out the discussion in a respectful manner toward different opinion groups.

Whom do we donate to?

As part of the collaboration agreement with our artists, we donate at least 15% of our pre-VAT sales proceeds to related organisations. For some artists, up to 70% of the proceeds would be allocated to these organisations, which are specific to each social movement.

We choose the organisations based on a combination of artists’ recommendations and our assessment on their target nature and efficiency. We have a preference for organisations which are either driving specific changes on these movements or directly helping those impacted by the social movements. Monthly sales and donation reconciliation reports will be provided to artists to ensure compliance. 


Hong Kong - the fight for democracy

Hong Kong Watch: A UK-based registered charity which researches and monitors threats to Hong Kong’s basic freedoms, the rule of law and autonomy as promised in the Basic Law and the Sino-British Joint Declaration. It briefs and advocates to policy-makers, parliamentarians and the media to mobilise public awareness and support.


Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Committee: A UK-based registered charity that aims to provide advice and practical assistance to Hongkongers who are intending to relocate or in the process of resettling in the UK due to state persecution and fear of infringement of their human rights.



Thailand - push for monarchy reform

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights: A Thailand-based non-profit organisation aimed to provide legal and litigation assistance to individuals who had been summoned, arrested, and detained by the military.

Who are we?

Artvocate was started by a group of friends from the same business school. In addition to our experience in business management and the art business, some of us are also keen advocates for several social movements in Asia. When one of us bought her own place and started looking for decorations that represent her beliefs, she realised that there could be a lot more people that think like her. 

We started to investigate how we can combine art and business as a force for good - to provoke public discussions and realistically continue to support the movements. We first started with the social movements which are closer to our home, where we have already seen a lot of high quality artwork being produced to promote these social movements. We look forward to extend to other social movements in the months to come.

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