Mariken Heijwegen

Artist inciting dialogue on mental health through a visual exploration of their own

"All my work comes from unknown places in my head" -Mariken Heijwegen

Mariken Heijwegen began a career in fashion, studying it in the Netherlands, but transferred their skills into the fine art world. Creating works that act as a depiction of the inner mind, Heijwegen seeks to teach students to reach their own feelings through artistic creation.

The artist creates self-portraits as a translations of their own mental health journey. During a dark and mentally tough experience, Heijwegen produced a self-portrait every day to reflect the feelings that emerged from panic attacks, fear, anxiety and insecurities. They argue that the painting of these visuals is what saved their mental health; allowing for a solution of acceptance and understanding. With the aim to normalise discussions on mental health, Heijwegen sees strength in vulnerability and important visibility within chaos.



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