Latifah Stranack

Mixed media artist shedding light onto the plight of refugees and educational inequity
✓ Internationally-recognised art training
✓ Notable exhibition feature
✓ New and upcoming
✓ Award-winner


"Through painting, I challenge the perceptions of my existence: brown skin from my father and white skin from my mother. I am mending all the broken umbilical cords of DNA, separated by time, land and mispronounced vowels, completing me, even in my fragmentation." -Latifah Stranack  

Latifah Stranack is a UK, London-based artist (b. 1981) who has been exhibiting her work now for 5 years. She studied art formally at the Royal College of Art, Slade School of Fine Art and at Central Saint Martins. Being part of two diverse cultures has created a rich visual language for Stranack to work with as an artist. Having always been fascinated by cultural hybridity, she reshapes her memories in washes of paint, working with subconscious emotions and fears.

Stranack invented her "female heroines" as a means of exploring the above concepts; appearing half visible beneath a sheer fabric, eyes staring intently through a traditional batoola mask, or with lids delicately closed, lost deep in contemplation.



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