Sina Wittayawiroj

Censored mixed media artist recording absurd events through sculpture-like digital illustrations


Sina Wittayawiroj

“Art is always a part of the social movement. [...] you can see it from everywhere—from flyers, posters, stickers or even signs on the street during the protest” Sina Wittayawiroj

Sculpture-like portraits drawn digitally with pencil strokes highlighted by striking colours, each of Sina's artwork provides a humorous and satirical record of an absurd news or event taking place in the Thai society, be it the Monarchy or the Section 112 of the Thai Criminal Code (the lese-majeste law in Thailand).

Wittayawiroj was well known in Thailand for his contemporary work with new media and community participation. Experimenting using several medias including installation, digital print and projection mapping, he created works in public space ranging from music events, in a pub, alley or even in areas of abandoned rubbish. Since the 2010s he has been experimenting with various taboo subjects in the Thai society until his personal show got censored and cancelled two days before its start in 2016. Inspired by the recent political turmoil, he resumed his activism art with series of illustrations hoping to promote the social movement.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts) and Master of Arts (Mixed Media) at Silpakorn University, he started his first show at WTF Gallery in Bangkok. He was selected by Gwangju Cultural Foundation, to participate in ‘Asia Artist Residence’ in South Korea. He was a part of an ongoing art project called “MONEY FAKETORY” that showed in the Kuandu Biennial, Taiwan and Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC).



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