O.D Adedeji

Portrait artist exploring race, culture and heritage
Three concepts guide the creative process of O.D Adedeji: heritage, legacy and contribution. As a portrait artist of Nigerian descent, she incorporates her heritage and cultural background into her artworks to reveal the beauty and dynamism of Nigerian culture to new audiences. Each artwork is intent on raising awareness for the African diaspora. Within this, Adedeji's work therefore recognises how this community is often underrepresented in institutions founded upon the exclusion of people based upon race and cultural heritage.

Many of the historical pieces of art feature people from the African diaspora as props or additions but rarely as the main subject of beauty, and through her art she aims to show black beauty in a different light.

Adedeji is using her art to raise money for sickle cell disease, a genetic condition that disproportionately affects people of African and Caribbean descent.


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