Oryiman Agbaka

Nigerian artist creating works promoting racial justice and black power
"I like to educate young black Africans about the power that they posses [while also] educating black people about their rich culture and diversity, but promoting unity." -Oryiman Agbaka

Oryiman Agbaka is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and freelance photographer. He was born and raised in Nigeria. Agbaka explores different styles and mediums, but is traditionally a ballpoint pen artist, working in portraiture and figurative art.

Using lines and shapes to represent symbols, Agbaka focuses on realism to bring to life everyday experiences without distorting their truth.  The artist uses ink to retell the stories and experiences of their subjects by drawing realistic portraits and capturing their individual expressions. Understanding line language and movement allows Agbaka to focus on the creation of layers through crosshatching.



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