Belinda Chlouber

Mixed media paint and print artist visualising the climate crisis and its pressing questions

Through a stark and raw beauty, the viewer is drawn into Chlouber’s mixed media paintings and prints. The juxtaposition of sometimes whimsical and dark imagery plays against a beautifully rendered image to create tension regarding her subject matter. The primary focus in her recent body of artwork has been to awaken the desire to reconnect with the natural world and understand the impact humans are having on it. By doing this we can transform the climate and environmental crisis into an opportunity for growth. In researching our climate crisis and our relationship to the Earth she has worked to find imagery that arouses a desire in people to explore solutions and to live in a way that restores balance to the natural world.

The issues and themes throughout Chlouber’s work are problematic ones for humanity. Through research-based art, she works to make herself as well informed as possible. In 2015 she attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project training so as to better communicate the climate crisis through her artwork. Since this time she has exhibited her own artwork while also organizing exhibitions surrounding the climate crisis.

Through the deep reverence and awe of the natural world, Chlouber reminds us of all we have that we love. She finds inspiration in the world’s ability to reinvent itself every year through the seasons, translating that into her artwork and realizing that even in the darkest of days the seeds of spring are being sown.



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