Rogers Ouma

Kenyan photographer capturing the relation between race, humanity and nature

Rogers Ouma is a Kenyan photographer, cinematographer and creative director currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. His work lends a voice to the neo-African narrative of an evolving continent, retaining the fascination of his first interaction with editorial and fashion magazines from his childhood. Ouma uses photography to communicate his perspectives, influenced by his own combination of wild thoughts and life experiences.

Ouma's work reflects a progressive editorial edge in fashion documentary and portraiture realms, while maintaining a personal and intimate touch. He tells his stories from an instinctive place employing a signature style that draws out the subject’s personality to tell their story. Having been a photographer for a few years, Ouma has been able to focus his art to combine individual thoughts and visions to communicate the less obvious perspectives that lend themselves to his own representation within a story.

Ouma has worked with a number of sustainable fashion brands across Africa and internationally (such as, Post Imperial, Narok NewYork, IAMISIGO, Afyda Antara, Asha Eleven Moto Moto Designs, Haute Baso, Doreen Mashika, Katush Nairobi, Higher+Higher Studio and Wildlife Works).



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