Deborah Stevenson

Collage artist exploring concepts of power, the feminine and the mysterious

Deborah Stevenson was born in Washington, DC. She grew up in Tokyo, went to high school in Baltimore, and earned her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She lived for many years on the West Coast, and returned to the East Coast, where she lived in Brooklyn, NYC until 2015, when she relocated to the coastal town of Belfast, Maine.

Stevenson began working in paper collage in 2010. She mixes classical with commercial/quotidian imagery, with the intent of creating provocative juxtapositions to explore concepts of power, the feminine, and the mysterious. The artist's collage pieces arise in an automatic way, presenting themselves spontaneously as Stevenson mixes and moves the pictures around in front of her.

"Many of the pieces are a protest against - and comment on - the ignorance I see in the world, a way of fighting back. Other pieces are about resistance, empowerment, redemption, joy, and the journey of living an authentic life in a mad world. I cope with the craziness by cutting and pasting things together to make my own alternate observations. I hope others find the work thought-provoking and affirming." -Deborah Stevenson



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