Robby Delson

Dutch artist visualising and discussing mental health
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Robert-Jan de Gunst (Robby Delson), is a Dutch self-taught artist, best known for his participation in the Art Brut Biennale of 2015, 2018 and 2022. Delson first started drawing as a form of therapy to deal with his mental state and as a way to communicate with the outside world. Isolated from the mainstream art world and art institutions, Robby taught himself by developing a form of artistic communication.

Delson's evolution, from an outsider to mainstream artist, allows him to move freely in the art world - exploring a variety of mediums for expression, switching between abstract and figurative. He uses self-portraits to form a raw, authentic and powerful biography. Delson surveys and powerfully expresses his mental state which works simultaneously: as a solution to solve his mental health issues and to create a connection to the outside world.



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