Lucky Leg

Street artist creating parody of societal and political issues with graffiti brushstrokes


Lucky Leg / Sippakorn Chinklang

Brave, raw, and fearless. Lucky Leg confronts the canvas with emotional authenticity and intensity. While brushstrokes receding into the background may run wild, the depiction of main subject matters and figures is meticulous and realistic. This creates an outstanding and intense focus on the main message on the canvas.

Employing the style of graffiti which has roots in protest art, Lucky Leg’s artwork reflects critically on social and political issues in a satirical undertone, often portraying real events as parodies. In the political situation where speaking against the authority can be censored, Lucky Leg demonstrates that artists have a special privilege to speaking about the situation, documenting the truth, and using their artworks to stimulate discourse and circumvent censorships.

Graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Painting) at Silpakorn University, Lucky Leg has held multiple solo and group exhibitions since 2015. In 2021, themed "Invert" exhibition was held at 6060 Arts Space in Bangkok.



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