Tuna Dunn

Award-winning designer communicating stories through simple lines and clean forms with effortless elegance


Tuna Dunn / Tunlaya Dunnvatanachit

Clean forms, simple lines and harmonious colours are the visual languages employed by Tuna Dunn to achieve an effect of effortless elegance in her works. The canvas communicates its message often via a dominant visual symbol, underneath which a flat composition with white space leaves the subject matter to breathe and tell its story.

Her portfolio is prolific, ranging from commercial commissions to personal topics for which she draws inspirations from music and film. As a Thai artist, Tuna Dunn responds to the social and political movement happening inside her country by the use of story and symbolism, inspired from social media and the protests she witnessed. She uses a simple and communicative artistic style to portray the story, raise awareness and document the situations.

Working as a visual designer based in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuna Dunn’s work covers illustrations, comics, animation, and visual design. She holds Masters of Arts in Illustration and Visual Media with Distinction from London College of Communications. She has won several awards including the Perspective’s 40 Under 40 Awards 2018 and Under 30 Creator’s file 2017 by PLUS81 magazine. Outside of Thailand, her works have been shown internationally in the UK, Japan and Taiwan.



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