Ricker Choi

Philanthropic artist depicting key moments of emotional intimacy in the pro-democracy movement


Ricker Choi

“Art serves as a counter narrative to fight against authoritarian regime's attempt to rewrite history.” Ricker Choi.

Gentle, subdued, and impressionistic are the stylistic elements characterising Choi’s paintings. But underneath the soft and tender hues are strong emotional undercurrent, reflected by the symbols or moments the artist chose to capture on his canvases.

The subjects Choi depicts reflect the public sentiments on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. These are symbols that the protesters recognise as the key moments or elements of the movement. The collective recognition forms a supportive bond and mutual understanding among the protesters that need not be spelled out. These moments of emotional intimacy represent the currents of warmth and humanity that is the lasting hope in dire humanitarian situations unfolding in the city.

Choi immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1980’s. Seeing the political upheaval in Hong Kong, he decided to use art to honour bravery and fight for freedom, getting inspiration from observing specific incidents. He has been using art to raise money for organisations helping Hong Kong’s fight for freedom, and is widely recognised in the community. His story has been featured in Apple Daily - the now closed independent news outlet in Hong Kong.

Photo credit to Lane Rasmussen
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