Visual designer examining corruptness of the society through satirical connotations to trigger conversations


Pssyppl / Diamond N.

Imaginations running wild, looming and dooming figures, symbolism calling for visceral reactions… Pssyppl creates fantastical imagery that draws viewers into what is seemingly an otherworldly realm but in fact are satirical reflections of issues in the present world. Who are these people with bad intentions? What did they do? How unfair is the society? The deeds and the suffering are revealed on the canvas through questions and symbolism.

The artist is passionate about examining the corruptness around - be it in the systemic level or individual level - thus his works transcends political art. Underneath the surface of Surrealistic expressions are the artist’s anger and frustration about the inability of the public to do anything to fix the corrupted society, where speaking of the truth is often forbidden. Art is used as an alternative way to discuss and reflects the truth. He continues to fight and find ways to bring freedom of ideas, art and design to the world, past the obstacles in an environment that tries to stifle the outspoken.

Pssyppl is based in Thailand and has a strong following in the online art community. His artworks about politics and society have been featured in Global Voices, Nifty Zone and Exotic Quixotic. He works across multiple disciplines including digital art, NFT, design, and sculptures. Pssyppl holds a Master of Arts in Fine Art Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts in the UK. 



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