What is Artvocate?

“Activist art” is a term used to describe art that is grounded in the act of "doing" and addresses political or social issues - Tate Modern

We specialise in activist art - by curating the best artworks representing the social movements to promote a fair and equitable future

For each social movement, we bring to life its values, struggle, aspirations and stories behind the artworks and artists. 

Artists who work with us are altruistic and passionate about these social movements.  As part of our agreement with the artists, we would allocate at least 15% of the pre-VAT revenue to support the movements.   


How do you select the social movements?

We partner with Atlas Movement to refine our priorities on selecting social movements and the related curation directions. 

We aim to become the go-to art platform for all artworks that promote a fair and equitable world: one that is equitable, where people are treated fairly, where individual, collective, and future well-being are society’s priority. For more details about equitism refer to here.


Why should you care too?

We believe that there are principles that should be universally applicable to everyone regardless of country and culture.

Many of the important and famous works of art from the past represented social progress, took the form and sentiment of activist art.  As a witness of the turn of the time, they bear historical significance.  One of the most famous activist art is arguably Pablo Picasso’s Guernica as an example of anti-war art.

Art produced in response to these conditions are important call for change.  By supporting and buying into these art, not only is it an action of faith and support, you also become part of a significant historical movement.

Plus, who doesn’t like looking at - or having beautiful artworks on the wall to show ‘em you got good taste and a good story to tell?


Whom do we donate to?

As part of the collaboration agreement with our artists, we donate at least 15% (up to 70%) of our pre-VAT sales proceeds to related organisations specific to each social movement.

We choose the organisations based on a combination of artists’ recommendations and our assessment on their target nature and efficiency. Monthly sales and donation reconciliation reports will be provided to artists to ensure compliance. 

Hong Kong - the fight for democracy

Hong Kong Watch: A UK-based registered charity which researches and monitors threats to Hong Kong’s basic freedoms, the rule of law and autonomy as promised in the Basic Law and the Sino-British Joint Declaration. It works between politics, academia and the media to shape the international debate about Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Committee: A UK-based registered charity that provides advice and practical assistance to Hongkongers who are intending to relocate or in the process of resettling in the UK due to state persecution and fear of infringement of their human rights.


Thailand - push for monarchy reform

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights: A Thailand-based non-profit organisation aimed to provide legal and litigation assistance to individuals who had been summoned, arrested, and detained by the military.


Myanmar - the fight against the Military Junta

Myanmar Kitchen: A Myanmar-based charity providing humanitarian aid to under-privileged communities in Hlaing Thayar Township, a home to the largest labour population in Yangon.


Our partners

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