Overlapping Pieces

Art project exploring the connections between Hong Kong and the UK

Memory is subjective, so is our identity. Overlapping Pieces was an art project focusing on the topic of identity of Hongkongers, exploring the connection between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. The founder of the project, va, currently lives in the United Kingdom. Several Hong Kong artists were invited to participate in this collaborative experiment. Each of them uses a roll of film to record their life, thoughts, and impression of Hong Kong. All the films were sent to va in UK to create double exposure images overlapping both places. This project is dedicated to all Hongkongers, no matter where in the world they may reside.


Arts Practitioner | Performer | Analogue Photographer
Hongkonger. Currently based in Britain after graduating from a master’s degree in Creative and Cultural Industries Management. Expressive and sentimental, she describes herself as a full-time art lover. She also believes traveling and experiencing different cultures can make one modest. Using analogue film to record the moments she sees from the viewfinder or using her body to express what she thinks without being limited, is the way of freedom she is pursuing.


Born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s, RCKY witnessed the era of British Hong Kong and still lives in the era of occupation. He has a love for reading Hong Kong history but a preference of creating one by recording the present moment with photography. He believes that historical record is created by pressing the shutter button. He also firmly believes that "history is not only written by victors”. 

Starting in 2006, he has been shooting with analogue film ever since. Recorded social events and the changes in Hong Kong, including the disappeared ones:

"Star Ferry", "Queen's Pier”, "Anti National Education Movement", "Umbrella Movement", "June 4 Vigils”, "July 1st Marches”, "2016 Hong Kong Legislative Election".


Photographer . Video Designer . Special Effect Designer

A person who doesn’t know how to lie, living with the motto: “Don’t let yourself become the person you once hated.”  Fear of forgetting; he uses the camera to capture all the bits and memories. Describing himself as an ineloquent person, he prefers to use images instead of words.


Tsz Shing Yip

An organic farmer and a Permaculture Instructor who works and lives in nature. He has a great passion for working with anything about ecology and nature.



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