Ana Espriella

Latin American artist seeking to exhibit strong emotions and ideas through digital portraiture

Strongly inspired by German expressionism and minimalist art, Ana Espriella specializes in conveying strong emotions through figurative characters through delicate and feminine strokes.

Based on the idea that “the eyes are the window of the soul”, that is where Ana concentrates most of the emotional weight of her works, and eliminates the elements that are expendable such as the mouth, shading details or even fragments of characters and objects. Thus, by abstracting the visual excess, her works are reduced to what is only essential to convey her message.

Ana Espriella is a graduate of the Universidad Panamericana of Mexico City, with a master's degree in Narrative and audiovisual production, and debuted as an artist in 2015 with her individual exhibition "Learning to understand" at Aguafuerte Gallery in Mexico City. In 2020, she was a winner of the 3rd edition of “RefugiArte”, an artistic call carried out by ACNUR, the UN Agency for Refugees; and currently, she works as an illustrator for the magazine and sociocultural association "OperaLife", collaborating from Mexico to Italy.



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