Katrina Pruss

Artist illustrating self and sexuality beyond the label

Kat Pruss is a queer, feminist artist, illustrator and designer. Their work explores themes of self and sexuality through narrative structures. Raised Catholic in small-town Ontario, Pruss grew up confused and frustrated with the status quo. The artist holds belief beyond labels. Viewing language as limited, Pruss argues that words should work to express our multitudes, not box us in. Using liquid gel pens, ink, watercolour, acrylic and pencil crayon she creates highly detailed illustrations, sometimes compiling them into art-books. Currently she’s exploring human object relationships within capitalist, consumerist social structures; from the joy of the hunt to the plastic micro-fibers in hail.

Pruss studied Design at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and English and Visual Arts at the University of Toronto. Kat has volunteered and contributed to the Feminist Art Collective for over five years and is the creator of crush, a zine celebrating Bi+ artists and writers. She’s lived on the west-end of Toronto, Canada for over ten years.



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