Lumli Lumlong 淋漓淋浪

Duo artists revealing social realities through "terrifying" grotesque style oil paintings


Bizarre assemblages of objects with illogical juxtapositions, use of dark and depressing colours, portraits with terrifying expression... Lumli Lumlong's artworks are mostly in the form of oil-painting with grotesque style and a shared aim of revealing social realities. For them, social reality can be more “terrifying” than their artistic creations and compassion is the ultimate expression of one’s imagination.

Born into working-class families, they took inspiration from the injustice in the society, conscience of people and sometimes the cruelty of those in power. The duo artists hope that their work can act as a "spiritual food" to fuel societal changes and sustain the social movements. "People need art" is their motto, thus they devote substantial time in teaching students from different backgrounds, including children with autism, sponsored students and rehabilitated youths and more.

Lumli Lumlong studied Fine Arts in École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and were lecturers of oil-painting at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They have published their collection of artwork entitled “Liberarts”and “The Hong Kong Metamorphosis". Their artworks have been exhibited and collected by individuals in Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney and New York. They have been featured by a number of local and international media, to name a few: Politiken, Ming Pao, Altermodernist.



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