Shirani Bolle

Multidisciplinary artist who questions socially accepted frameworks and identities

London born multi-disciplinary artist, Shirani Bolle is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and a Sri Lankan immigrant; it is the unlikely union of these two backgrounds that has heavily influenced her work. Bolle uses subjects such as war, capitalism, racism, religion and nature, alongside more personal themes, to explore the existential questions on identity and meaning.

Bolle's work protests against the, often unquestioned, structures of society. Bright, graphic and colourful, the artist creates noisy and brash work that is demonstrative of the deafening, seemingly inescapable society that we have built. Bolle is visually optimistic in her unravelling of the conscious human existence.  She combines her art with a knowledge of eastern philosophy to render open-ended questions; of which, society usually suffers from ignoring. 

Shirani has exhibited in London and been featured in publications across the UK and Ireland. She currently lives on the West coast of Ireland with her husband and two young daughters.



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