Juli Baker and Summer

Artist of vibrant and youthful energy presenting socio-political statements


Juli Baker and Summer / Chanaradee Chatrakul na Ayudhya

Vibrant, powerful, youthful energy permeates Juli Baker and Summer’s canvases. The use of bright colours and fluid lines creates a sense of vibration, as if one can hear exuberant music notes accompanying the movement of the characters or subjects. The visual composition resembles collage, even one done under Matisse’s hands.

Underneath the child-like surface of colourful composition lies strong socio-political statements. The emotional intensity brought forth by the colourful composition rightly echo the significance of the topics at hand. As a Thai artist residing amid on-going political movement, Juli Baker and Summer portrays symbols of the pro-democracy movement with her interpretation and personal experiences.

Graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in fashion, Juli started her artist career under the nom de plume Juli Baker and Summer in 2015. Her works often take inspiration from people, music, literature, films, everyday-life conversations and travelling. She is active in the Thai art scene, famous for her bright and cheerful art style. She has been featured in interviews with the F Word Asia Art Magazine, Lifestyle Asia, Mimosa Stories and Kooper.



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