Victor Chigozie Anachuna

Contemporary artist depicting black expressions of gender equality and queer liberation
✓ Regionally-recognised art training
✓ New and upcoming


Victor Chigozie Anachuna is a contemporary visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate student of Visual Arts at the University of Lagos. Driven by themes relating to his experience as a Nigerian youth, his current body of works is a commentary on the socio-cultural norms and systematic suppression of minority groups. He explores the use of unconventional imagery to make artistic commentary, employing vibrant colours, expressive figures and dramatic lighting to depict mood and create a sense of immersion. His works aim to spotlight the diverse nature of people outside the cultural norm, and express a need for a society that questions the social constructs guiding it, and how they affect minorities with stifled voices.

His works have been displayed in exhibitions nationwide, including the "Genesis" Group exhibition at Lagoon Gallery, Lagos, as well as "LASDIGI equality project", NAHW, Nigeria.



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