Emel Çevikcan

Watercolour artist portraying emotive scenes of migration

"Art is like the sun illuminating the universe…it is the most important phenomenon that adds value and educates the soul"-Emel Çevikcan

Emel Çevikcan reflects on the importance of nature and humanity through the symbiotic fluidity of watercolour and their controlled application of it. The harmony of subject and composition in the paintings is very important. The contradictions that people experience and the conversations that are sometimes hidden in their silence inspire the artist's work. Çevikcan also emphasises the hidden experiences within different communities. The artist compares their artwork to the secret garden's of individuals where the flowers are symbolic of their strength; persisting and flowering season after season. The artist actively participates in a variety of art and culture events abroad and within Turkey. At the the 2021 America Art Awards, they made an important grade with their work titled "Pandemic Heroes" in the Watercolour Figure category.



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