LAU Kwong Shing 柳廣成

Award-winning pencil artist portraying protest scenes with brushstrokes influenced by Japanese manga culture


LAU Kwong Shing

Detailed, intense and comical, Lau is adept at using his pencil brushstrokes to accentuate the main characters and the surrounding atmosphere. He communicates his motifs using comical figures and languages.

Spending his childhood in Kyoto, Japan, Lau's early works were deeply influenced by the local manga culture. His creative direction showed some drastic changes after participating in French Angoulê International Comics Festival in 2017. Being a vocal supporter of the pro-democratic movement, Lau is now living and continuously creating new projects in Taiwan.

Being a distinguished multi-media artist, Lau has published and won awards across comic drawings, paintings and movies. He has published and serialised more than ten short comics on different platforms internationally such as 'Cube Escape: Paradox' in The Netherlands, 'Fantaisie Ordinaire' in France and Belgium, 'The Fallen City: Hong Kong' in Taiwan and several works in Hong Kong. He also widely published his column paintings on publications such as Zihua, Ming Pao, Breakazine, City Magazine, Fountain, and participated in the Monsoon vol.4, Days of ACG, Comic O vol.4. Lau is also active in producing animated short films with more than ten animated short films screened in cinemas and Times Square Hong Kong.



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