Daring street artist expressing unyielding social commentary through powerful surrealistic imagery


Loboboy / Phansa Buddharaksa

The powerful narrative in Loboboy’s works come through the canvas, full of actions and symbolism that evoke further examination and reactions from the viewers. He combines various creative techniques, such as traditional painting and spray painting in public areas, to communicate issues and ideas pertaining to social movements, such as questioning of political power and environmental issues.

By employing the style reminiscent of spray-paint graffiti street art, the artist makes a direct reference to the nature of protest in his works. His street art addresses the recent development in Thailand’s political environment, representing an unyielding social commentary through powerful imagery. The iconic motif is often a dreamscape with nightmarish characters undertaking grandiose actions of cruelty against faceless victims. Sin and Spirituality coexist in the surreal land under the artist’s paintbrush, reflecting the real world humanitarian consequences that are deep and dire.

Loboboy is a lecturer in the Department of Painting in Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok. His recent activism works were featured in an exhibition with WTF Gallery in Bangkok.



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