Michael Kwong

Abstract expressionist and pop artist advocating for climate justice

Professor Michael Kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1972. During his artistic career life, he has received many designs and art awards both locally and internationally. Michael has been working as pop art and abstract expressionist painter, creating art pieces that combine eastern culture characteristics and western painting techniques. Kwong uses his paintings to link himself to the outside world. Either subjective feelings are expressed, or his art is used as a tool to bring focus to global issues. Kwong believes it is the undeniable responsibility of humanity to protect our natural environment, making our world a safe place. He draws greater focus to powerful nations within this notions of environmental responsibility.

"As we all know, the climate problem is still very serious; the carbon dioxide emission level is still at record highs, and rising. It is a critical issue faced and concerned by the international world and all human beings. [...] it is our duty to let more people know how serious the problem is, and we should pay more attention to protecting our environment." -Prof. Michael Kwong



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