Andre Pace

Mixed-media cubist artist referencing social and cultural issues

Andre Pace is an artist, residing in New York, whose work expands on society and culture through an abstract lens. Pace's work is recognisable through his use of mixed media: often, oils, pastels, crayons and watercolour. This, combined with the deep visual connection to cubism and references to Jean-Michel Basquiat, allows his work to explore contemporary social issues without a framework.

Pace focuses on deconstructing the American dream, fairy tales, and culture through a lens that expands on racial identity. Combining shapes, patterns with text embeds his work with a deeper iconography for the viewer to dissect. The artist pushes the notion that his work is "conceptual mixed media" and "weeds minimal form with maximal content." He sees success within his art and others if a viewer is able to stop and explore its visuality while developing and questionings its content.



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