Irina Dobrovetska

Ukrainian artist highlighting culture and community, in spite of the horrors of war

“I am using paint to try and heal the wounds left by the war” -Irina Dobrovetska

Irina is an Odessa-based artist who had to flee war-torn Ukraine leaving family, friends and many of her artworks behind - some of which were lost when an exhibition hall in Kyiv burnt down after the shelling. Despite this, Dobrovetska, like many Ukrainians, is full of optimism for the future of her country.

The artist places her work within the space of magical realism, depicting beauty over warzone terrors. Her recent series portrays women in traditional Ukrainian dress. In Ukraine women historically have been strong-willed and played an equal role in the family - even today we see a lot of women on the frontlines. Dobrovetska seeks to celebrate their character. Deeply interested in Ukrainian customs and rituals, she feels that now, when the war is waged to destroy and deny Ukrainians their own ethnicity, language and sovereignty, it is more important than ever to preserve and share her country’s culture with the world.



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