Liam Clark

Artist investigating society, politics and culture through graphic, street-art-inspired paintings

Liam Ashley Clark was born In Ipswich, Suffolk, 1990 and is currently living and working in Norwich, Norfolk. Clark was selected as a 2019 Bloomberg New Contemporary and included in the Saatchi Art Rising Stars report of the same year. He works largely in painting, drawing and photography, as well as in collage, 3D and more. Clark also produces large scale murals, works as an illustrator and is a prolific zine maker.

His work takes influence from the D.I.Y. cultures and creators of skateboarding, punk, hip-hop and folk scenes and is inspired by a wide spectrum of interests including; politics, society, psychology, current events, youth culture and more. Clark's work is also influenced by other contemporary and historical practices, it commonly contains a combination of image and text, a large use of colour and pattern, and often has an injection of humour.



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