Silvio Severino

Artist merging traditional and contemporary mediums to investigate social issues
✓ Regionally-recognised art training
✓ Notable exhibition feature


Silvio Severino is a contemporary photographer, collage and gif artist. He works in both analog and digital formats, which puts him in a unique creative position whereby he can cross and recross the traditional and the contemporary. 

Severino constantly searches for new values and visual languages that will allow him to incorporate photography, collage, and animation in new formats. Photography often becomes collage, and collage often becomes an animated gif; it is this exciting new frontier in contemporary art for which this artist is at the forefront. 

Severino is interested in exploring a range of contemporary issues through his visuals: from nature and the urban, to consumerism and the idealisation of beauty and sexuality, from art versus capitalism to the banality of publicity and celebrity. 

Severino was born and raised in Brazil, but has spent the last twenty years in Europe. He now lives in Cork, Ireland.



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