Leo Wijnhoven

Dutch artist utilising hyperrealist and surrealist techniques to critique Western modernism
"We are still living with a modernistic mentality or mindset [...] which is the root cause of many of our current problems. I am looking for new assumptions and starting points where modernistic assumptions have failed." -Leo Wijnhoven 
Leo Wijnhoven is an experienced artist from the Netherlands whose work has been featured in solo and group shows internationally. Exploring a critical approach to western-modernism, Wijnhoven creates realist figurative paintings in oil on linen that feature characters and scenes from everyday life. He strays from the art trends of the 20th and 21st centuries by imposing his hyperrealist - and sometimes surreal - style and investigating themes of neoliberalism and globalisation.

Wijnhoven labels and critiques various strands of Western modernism. He explores ideas ranging from materialism and mechanism to hierarchical control and the exploitation of nature.



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