Liyaan Khoso

Surreal figurative artist using the visual as abstract questioning

Liyaan Khoso grew up across Africa, The Middle East, South Asia, and Southern Europe. She went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics in the UK, experiencing the combined momentous societal changes in the country brought on by the COVID19 pandemic and Brexit. This diverse exposure and set of experiences led to the compounding of Khoso’s political positions of radical acceptance, communal restoration, and an understanding of mental health issues as structural rather than personal. Khoso has been featured in group exhibitions across London and has been published in a few zines around the UK. She currently works in social research, aiming to one day enact structural changes at the policy-level.

Khoso’s art style focuses on surreal figurative painting. Through the artist's bizarre colourful representations of reality, with spontaneous brush strokes and pattern, one falls into the imaginary. The abstract concepts in Khoso’s work involve the freedom of identity and the foundational constructions of self. Identity conceived of as the boundaries to an indeterminate energy, where they are a continuous process of movement and self creation.

Related to this, is the depiction of mental health and how this can affect the boundaries one sets as identity. The premises that we learn as children affect us across our lives; this is a core theme to Khoso's work. Their art recognises a constant critical questioning and amending of these core premises in order to shape more positive perceptions and realities for individuals.

Khoso believes that when one becomes an active agent in their belief system, it can eventually change a whole community for the better: change begins at a micro-level, not the macro. 




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