Helena Barbagelata

Multidisciplinary artist bringing light to notions of social responsibility
✓ Notable exhibition feature
✓ Critically acclaimed  
✓ Award-winner


Helena Barbagelata (b.1991) is an Italian-Israeli fashion model, multidisciplinary artist, writer, activist and researcher. She has received several artistic awards from the Onassis Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Greek Government, Università di Trieste, Universitat de València, Universitat de Barcelona, among others.

Barbagelata's artworks take a personal approach to social, political, cultural and environmental issues. Engaging with with different subjects, she combines different poetic symbols and arranges them into new conceptually layered pieces. Barbagelata enjoys bringing life to the canvas and creating artworks that are personal but also express a sense of interconnectedness and social responsibility. She works back and forth between drawing, painting, printmaking, videoart, sculpting and writing.

Her interdisciplinary practice illuminates unexpected facets of subjects, and generates new approaches and ideas. As an expressionist, she attempts to depict not objective reality, but rather the subjective emotions and responses that subjects and events inspire, in order to explore greater emotional depths and the intricacies of humanity.



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