Nataliia Oliferovych

Ukrainian artist utilising emotive and communicative imagery

Nataliia Oliferovych used to live in Kyiv, but now resides in Leipzig after fleeing the war. The artist left her job in IT and pursued her passion to paint in 2020.

Oliferovych seeks to follow their "inner child," expressing themselves without enforcing frameworks. When the war started, Oliferovych focused on drawing: every day, everywhere. It helped her to reach a realisation of emotions, while allowing global communication with friends on the news from Ukraine. Now Oliferovych is trying to sell these emotive and communicative visuals to aid those volunteering in Ukraine: the artist's friends, family, community.

Currently, Oliferovych studies Fine Art at The Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst or Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Her plan is to come back to Ukraine and be a part of the rebirth.

"I understood that I don't need any permission to do what I am wanting to do. I feel brave enough to do what my soul tells me to." -Nataliia Oliferovych



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