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Unique work: Three-dimensional handmade cutout
Dimensions: 12 x 12 cm unframed
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Description +-

Gays are often called "pájaros" (birds) in Spanish. In some countries they are even called ducks. But sometimes Spanish people use the diminutive form of Pájaro and call us "pajaritos". Juan prefers that, because little birds are beautiful, at least. 

This artwork was sustainably produced. At least 80% of the paper was obtained by the artist from used cardboard shipping boxes.

Artist +-

Juan Boilero

Juan Boilero was born in Cuba but has lived in Germany since 1991. He works as a graphic designer and advertising photographer near Berlin. The formal discipline he practices on a daily basis as a graphic designer, explains the reductionism in the aesthetics of his homoerotic art.

As an artist, he has three values: genuine eroticism beyond the established visual culture, simplicity and humour. Juan Boilero sees himself first and foremost as a cartoonist who draws with scissors.

"If someone finds my work amusing, I feel understood," says the artist.

Donation +-

Based on our agreement with the artist, 35% of the price will be donated to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund..

Shipping +-

Artwork will be shipped directly by the artist from the UK. The delivery duration is 10-15 business days within the UK and 15-20 business days internationally. Delivery to some countries will be subjected to additional import VAT and duties to be paid to the courier directly.



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