Artist onboarding - all you need to know

Hi! Thanks for your interest in joining our platform!

Here you will find an introduction of how it works to be working with us as an artist on

We have also highlighted the key areas to consider before you come onboard!

Setting up on the platform

"How does it work?"

We will work with you to set up your artwork on our platform. This would include choosing the artworks, agreeing the contract terms and setting up artworks and artist profiles.

“What kind of artworks can I show?”

We currently accept original and printed artworks. Prints include those that we arrange, using our partnered printing house, as well as artist-produced prints. We accept static, visual art mediums; such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and digital art.

“Do you require exclusivity on my artworks?”

We do not require exclusivity on original artworks. Ideally, we would prefer to have exclusivity on prints - but we can explore other alternatives e.g. exclusivity in a certain geographical area. If you cannot grant us exclusivity, we would work with you to ensure that the prices sold elsewhere are comparable.

“How does Limited Edition prints work?”

If an artwork has not been printed previously, we would love to turn them into Limited Edition prints. Usually, our Limited Edition prints have a print run of 10: 5 in a larger size and 5 in a smaller, and more accessible, size.


“How does it work?”

We will work with you to promote your artwork through social media, within our journal articles and future virtual and physical exhibitions. Purchases are primarily made through our online platform.

Donation and artist commission

“How is the sales split across different parties?”

Each sale made has a three-fold split between the artist (50%), the charitable organisation (15%) and artvocate (35%)

“Can I choose whom to donate to?”

Yes, we love to hear where our artists want to show support. You will get to decide which charitable organisation will receive your artwork’s donation.

Shipping and delivery

“How does it work?”

For prints, we will deal with the printing and shipping. For originals or artist-produced prints, we will connect you with our local courier provider and cover the shipping costs. We would need you to drop off the artwork to the closest courier location of your choice.

“Do I need to pay for the shipping?”

No, for both prints and originals, we will cover the shipping cost within our share of the sale.


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