Sean Winn

Painter contrasting the real with the surreal to visualise mental health topics

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Sean Anthony Winn is a fine artist whose work questions ideas of self, mental health, and the exploration of relationships with others through those around us. His realistic and ethereal paintings communicate a variation of self-expression that traverses anxiety, depression, and identity. Influenced by pop-culture, the mental health awareness movement, and extra-terrestrial motifs, Winn contrasts the absolute with the surreal, and the overly mundane through the human figure, to amplify the once taboo human emotion.

Working in mediums such as acrylic and oil, Winn experiments with techniques and materials such as light, space, and metaphorical objects. The artist often evokes the iconic and the eerie within his portraiture work.   

The melancholic worlds that Winn creates confront the battles of mental health in his own personal life, but also in the lives of those he surrounds himself with. There has been a generational awakening in society’s openness surrounding anxiety and depression. He notes the now-normalisation of talking about our feelings and seeking professional help. Winn’s goal is to further fuel those conversations and enhance self-awareness through various series of work.



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