3/5 Limited Edition
Original medium: Photography
Print medium: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin
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Description +-

Art is the mutual language of humanity…

All I have in me as an artist can be said only by this alphabet of art; where nothing matters but the truth and the honest feelings you place in every aspect of your creations.
As a human being on the other end, art is the one world that can be full of peace, beauty, and great feelings. Even if it’s supposed to describe pain or bitterness, it makes it beautiful, lovely, and human.
It doesn’t matter where you are born, if your heart beats for human wisdom and a world without violence, if it seeks freedom amongst all that, you can talk to all people just by this language; by a musical piece for instance.
That is the sole element that makes my series and artworks to never start from somewhere and end elsewhere...
Just like the truth... like where the sea ends and the sky begins...
I try to start a dialogue with my audience despite their race, language, and birthplace.

Artist +-

Armin Amirian 

“Iran is a rich depository of contributions in the field of art, architecture, music, literature and cinema. The city of Isfahan, in particular, of opulent architectural structures, is the birthing ground of many prominent Iranian artists and prominent figures. It is also the home of Armin Amirian, a 20-year old photographer and artist who, inspired by the work of many before him and the plight of his country, has chosen to create dynamic interpretations of the collective experiences of his people.” (By Jill Tan Radovan - Lomography Magazine, 2015)

Armin Amirian was born in 1995 in Iran. As a self-taught artist, he spent his childhood and youth experiencing different genres and mediums of art while being affected by the world and culture, and had his education in Physics back then. His professional journey of art in photography and cinema started at the beginning of his teenage years. The role of looking got more prominent for him with the arrival of a photography camera into his life.
He has contributed to more than 100 festivals and exhibitions throughout the years and had his solo exhibitions like “hICEstory” (2021) and “A’ar” (2018) both at Etemad Gallery, and his Artsy “Surreal Scapes” by Janet Rady Fine Art Gallery (2022).

He’s received multiple international awards such as: Award of Excellence from Fletcher Exhibit USA (2020), Young Author Award of 29th Spanish Railways Foundation (2018), 2nd Place in Visual Art Prize by the Alpine Fellowship Foundation (UK 2022), Golden Medal of Asahi Shimbun (75th Photography Awards Japan 2015), the Jury Prize of Fomenar (Spain 2017), Teenager of the Year of Warsaw’s Graphic Biennale (2012), and is the only two-time winner of the best Creative Look from “Image of The Year Festival” (Iran 2015 & 2017).
Armin has been honoured with Honourable Mentions from centres such as the Yeiser Art Center (USA 2020), or with Final Nominee and Candidate in Ooshot Award (France 2018), Farhang Foundation (USA 2017), and SIENA Awards (Italy 2015).

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