Iva Troj creates artvocate-exclusive collection on art activism

We are working with Iva Troj to promote art and activism that creates new rules…

A major part of activism takes, and extends, old techniques in a contemporary setting to promote equity and overturn unjust norms and values. This is specifically poignant within our Gender Equity and Freedom of Identity narratives as new rules are exhibited, embellished and encouraged. Our newest artist, Iva Troj, creatively positions herself within this. She has created an artvocate-exclusive collection of artworks to promote the necessary overlap between art and activism.

Troj seeks to disrupt enforced societal frameworks…

The 2016 Palm Award Winner and 2019 CAF Artist of the Year, Troj uses Renaissance aesthetics to override restrictive social and gender norms. Her dreamlike visuals engage audiences; referencing the practice of the great masters to place her arrt within the art history canon, while, simultaneously, bringing it forward into the present needs of the 21st century. 


Troj’s upbringing has heavily influenced her activist approach to creativity…

In our recent artist x activist panel talks, Not on Paper, Troj discussed an artwork created at the age of three: of Stalin with a tiara eating children - her initial entrance to her current visual overturning of norms and values. Having grown up in communist Bulgaria during the last years of the Cold War, Troj describes her early years as living through “cultural starvation.” This has since triggered an urge of restlessness within the artist’s creativity. Troj believes in artists as sensitive to the undercurrents of society and so are imperative parts of social change. It is these beliefs, with her creative hunger, that prove her work to be forward thinking within modes of artistic activism.

Troj’s visuals are incredibly influential and well-renowned. Having worked with the likes of XBOX, won a many number of awards and exhibited globally at the likes of the Saatchi Gallery and The Louvre, we are so excited to be working alongside the artist on this special project. 

Troj has created a fantastic series of artvocate-exclusive artworks… 

Visually representing art, activism and social change, the 8 works explore topics ranging from consumer culture, childhood trauma and cultural topography. Taking her original oil paintings and digitally editing, manipulating and collaging them, Troj creates fresh visualisations on what the overlap between activism and art can be. 

Here is what the activist artist has to say on her new collection of artwork about culture:

Artistic activism is where the creative power of the arts to move us emotionally meets the strategic planning of activism necessary to bring about social change. It’s a powerful combination.

At first glance art and activism seem to have different aims. Activism moves the material world, while Art moves the heart. The thing is, social change doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it happens because people decide to make it happen. Most people have deeply rooted belief systems. For them to change their mind about something and start acting towards change, their emotions must be engaged. It’s what Art is for. It disrupts old beliefs to ignite courage.

Troj’s exclusive collection questions the past and the present, while seeking to investigate new truth beyond social superficiality. Explore the dynamic renaissance artworks here and support the artist’s seeking of justice while donating to Atlas Network: an organisation aiming to promote free societies, eradicate poverty, protect civil rights, unleash entrepreneurship and ensure government accountability.



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