How to gift wall art during festive seasons

Wall art is a great gift to give your loved ones. They can last forever, are often unique, and you have a wide variety of options to choose from. If chosen rightly, they stand out from all the other festive gifts. 

In the midst of the global supply chain challenge ahead of Christmas, you'll need to place your order ahead of time. How do you determine that the wall art you buy will end up being hung on the wall?


1. Understand the Person's Style 

A quick visit to the home of the person you want to gift wall art to can be massively helpful to give an idea of what they like. Look at the colour of the walls, style of the decor and take into consideration the space available. You can even look at their styles of dressing, to get a general idea of what kind of wall art they would like - be it a more minimalist one or something more elaborate.

Some online platforms even offer live preview functions where you can upload the photo of a space, enter the dimensions and preview how the artwork looks like.  


2. Choose Something That Makes A Statement 

Often, you'll come across wall art that has significant meaning behind them. They could be representing someone's cultural heritage or advocating for a social cause. For instance, if the person feels deeply about Myanmar’s fight against the Junta, then it would be a good idea to gift them wall art that shares similar views. Adding a donation for the causes while purchasing the wall art can add more meaning to this gift. 


3. Consider Your Budget

If you want to get wall art for investment or value preservation purposes, then consider getting the original. Otherwise, it's much more economical to purchase a printed edition of the wall art. Aim for high quality Limited Edition prints with Certificate of Authenticity or hand signature by the artists will preserve the value better and make the present feel unique and special as well.


4. Gift Something Hangable 

If you want your wall art to be put to use, then consider gifting something hangable. You can get stretched canvas or framed prints with hanging kits attached. If you don't like the default framing being offered, then you can think about getting it framed locally with the right frame and matting


5. Check the Materials and Processes 

Ensure that the wall art paper is of the highest quality and also age-resistant. Also look at the materials of the frames and the canvas, whether they are sustainably sourced or not. 

In the case of prints, pay special attention to the print processes. There are basically three kinds of printing processes that stand out in terms of quality, including Giclee prints, Lithograph printing, and Serigraph printing.



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