A chat with our artists Lumli Lumlong

Bizarre assemblages of objects with illogical juxtapositions, use of dark and depressing colours, portraits with terrifying expression... Lumli Lumlong's artworks are mostly in the form of oil-painting with grotesque style and a shared aim of revealing social realities. For them, social reality can be more “terrifying” than their artistic creations and compassion is the ultimate expression of one’s imagination. 

Recently relocated to the UK due to the political turmoil in Hong Kong, we had a chance to catch up with them. 

Q: What are the 3 words that you would use to describe the social movement?
A: Awakening, solidarity and persistence.
Q: What role do you think your art plays in this social movement?
A: For us, our art is an anodyne, but we hope it serves as a "combustion aid" for this social movement. "People need Art" was our philosophy in the past. However, in 2019, it was our first time to "feel" how people needed Art and Art became spiritual food to support our fighting will.
Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Our inspiration comes from the cruelty of the governor, and the conscience of the people.
Q: What are the most significant styles that define your artwork?
A: Ironically grotesque, terrifying but realistic. We believe social reality can be more ”terrifying” than our paintings. Besides, compassion is the most ultimate expression of our imagination. 

Q: What is your ritual of creating artwork?
A: Self-cleaning- Physically, we take bath, eat less and turn off the phone ; Mentally, we pray for inspiration from God.


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